Canada fails to protect animals from cruelty

On July 28th, Global TV aired an investigative documentary co-produced by Kevin Newman called "Revealed: No Country for Animals" which provides more evidence that Canada falls behind other countries in protecting animals from cruelty and abuse.

The documentary is heart-wrenching to watch, but it provides a great opportunity. If we can get politicians to watch it, they won't be able to turn a blind eye - they will have to do something about the many issues facing Canada's animals - including those raised for food.

WSPA, CCFA and CETFA are asking MPs to support stronger farm animal transport regulations and enforcement. The global documentary provides further evidence that our federal regulations are being violated and penalties are not being issued. In a single year, as many as 2-3 million animals die before they even make it to the slaughterhouse.

Send a letter to your MP now.

Encourage them to watch the documentary and stand up against animal cruelty. A copy of your letter will also be sent to the Auditor General of Canada, Michael Ferguson who is currently considering a request to audit CFIA’s ability to enforce regulations to protect farm animal welfare.

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About WSPA's Report

WSPA just completed a comprehensive review of how animals are transported across Canada, how their health and welfare is inspected and how federal regulations are being enforced.

Curb the Cruelty: Canada’s farm animal transport system in need of repair has been sent to all Members of Parliament urging stronger protection for farm animals.

Download the report (English)

Download the report (French)